Security Guard Training Melbourne

Security guard training courses and curriculums will differ from state to state, but Melbourne is a good illustration of the type of training and study that goes into becoming a licensed security guard. The requirements to be an entry-level unarmed security guard in Melbourne are fairly low. In addition to passing basic eligibility requirements which include being at least 18 years of age, being a citizen or resident of the Australia, passing an FBI criminal background check, and entering your fingerprint into a database, you will also need to take an 8 hour security guard training course prior to receiving security guard assignment.

After completion of your security guard training courses, you will receive a Security Guard Registration Card from the Department of State which will qualify you to perform basic security guard duties. Your security guard training course must be completed at an approved security guard school in Melbourne. Within your first 90 days on the job, all new security guards must complete an additional 16 hours of on the job security guard training requirements.


Security Guard Training Melbourne

On the other coast, the security guard training requirements in Melbourne are fairly similar to the Sydney requirements. Anyone applying for a license to work as an unarmed security guard must be at least 18 years of age, pass a criminal background check, and complete a 40 hour course administered by a certified training facility, or any private patrol operator (private security companies).

The 40 hours of security guard training necessary to become a security guard in Melbourne is split into 3 separate requirements. Prior to working as security guard, the individual must undergo 8 hours of “Power to Arrest” training, which familiarizes the recruit with the scope of a security guard’s powers. He/she must also pass an examination related to this material. Then you can apply for security guards for hire in Melbourne

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