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Robin King Adds New Staff To Its Psychic Readings Service

Robin King famous New Zealand Psychic readings service has proudly announced a brand new line up in its psychic readings staff. The business has grown dramatically in the last few years and as of late has not had enough staff to service the calls. Below is a list of the new staff available for a psychic reading from Robin King New Zealand.

Anderton –
Anderton is a gifted Psychic, a Spiritual Medium and is skilled in Numerology. From a birth date and a voice aura, he can give an extremely accurate and detailed reading which will leave you astounded to its accuracy. Accredited by BPRB
Skill: Medium, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Angels

Andrew –
Intro: Andrew is a naturally gifted Clairvoyant and Medium who has a warm caring nature and will soon put you at ease with his messages from spirit, allowing you to move forward in your life. Accredited by BPRB
Skill: Clairvoyant, Medium

Max –
Max works with a variety of methods to communicate with Spirit, including Tarot, Fairy and Spirit cards as well as his own natural mediumship and clairvoyance. Max is a wonderful listener and has empathy for the soul. He works with the light and for the light for the greater understanding of spirit. Accredited by BPRB.
Skill: Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic

Pete –
Pete is an Astrologer and Tarot reader who is able to explore any aspect of your life by looking at the planetary positions now and at the time of your birth. He can show you why you repeat the same relationship patterns, tell you what kind of mate you need to look for, any answer any questions you may have. Accredited by BPRB. Tarot, Astrologer and Numerology, Relationships, Synastry, Wiccan
Skill: Tarot, Astrologer and Numerology, Relationships, Synastry,

Davie –
Intro: Davie is a Tarot card reader who uses the cards in conjunction with his intuition to offer advice and guidance on any subject. He specializes in relationship and emotional issues. Accredited by BPRB.
Skill: Tarot, Psychic, Clairvoyant

Holly –
Intro: Holly is a Clairvoyant who uses the Tarot and has a gift for dream interpretation. She can help you unlock your imagination so that you can really fly! Her clairvoyant and Ghostbusting abilities will help you see the way around any obstacles in your path. Accredited by BPRB
Skill: Clairvoyant and Dream Analysis, Relationships, Spirit Guides, Ghostbuster

Jac Nighteagle –
Jac is a natural Clairvoyant who works with the energies and elements to give you a reading that will stay with you for a long time. Accredited by BPRB
Skill: Clairvoyant, Native American Medicine Cards, Dream Analysis, Healer

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