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Some DIY Removal Tips

Are you fit enough?

Do it yourself (DIY) move is really physically demanding and can also be mentally challenging, most especially during the summer. It would definitely be better if you have a good number of family and friends that are helping you out. Remember to include their thank you drinks and pizzas in your estimate.



• Plan your move well in advance and do a moving list. Know when to pick up the keys, plan your routes, back up your contacts and know when to pick the van.
• Plan early and start packing early. If you leave everything to the last minute, you will become confused and your stress level might increase.
• Rent a parking van that can convey all your belongings at a go. Remember to check with drop off points.
• Get rid of your unwanted items before you move. Dispose the disposables and sell those unwanted items that can still fetch you some cash.
• Be sure to have a lot of family and friends that are ready to help you in sorting out and packing things. You cannot do all the work alone.
• If you plan to move house, inform your utility companies. Let them know when you intend to move. Some utility companies require you to give a months’ notice.

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