Photo Booth Rental Naperville

  •   This touch screen photo booth is nearly identical to our premium booth without the ability to capture & output video for your customers. This booth holds slightly less paper but still comes with two rolls to get you started. We include Black commando cloth curtains.  Adobe Elements to design your photo booth output.
  • Everything works at the click of a button and the powerful Sub Dye Printer does a great job of outputting crystal clear images captured by the DSLR camera and lens. These booths are portable, lightweight and come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Click here for more details about this popular photo booth.
  • Buying a photo booth is a great way to have fun while you make money. This turnkey business makes it easy for you to get started the day the booth arrives at your door. Unlike other businesses, we fully train you in how to use our equipment and bring everything to get you started, right down to the plug strips! Whether you are looking for a full time business, part time opportunity or a complete career change, Photo Booth Rental Naperville is a great place to learn about exciting options in the photo booth industry.
  • Normally when you buy a photo booth, you get tied up with franchise agreements or tricky contracts (usually associated with most photo booth sales). Many photo booth suppliers also insist that you buy all your products and regular supplies from them as well. This allows them to retain ownership of the photo booth while dictating when and how you can do business.

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