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Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account.

Step 2: In the Gmail window, click your avatar (in the upper right) and click “My Account”.

Step 3: On the “Privacy of privacy” tab, click the line of “Your personal information”.

Your personal information

Step 4: Click the “Right arrow” button in the Email box.

Step 5: Click “Edit” in “Other Mail”.

Step 6: In “Add an alternate address”, enter the alternate email of the Gmail account and the email address to use as the recovery mail, and click [Save].

Note: You can use alternate email addresses to log in to your Google account or recover your password. Alternate email addresses can only be associated with one Google Account at a time. To use only recovery e-mails, please click the “please click here” link.


Add a new alternate e-mail address
Add another email address

Step 7: Click the link to switch to recovery e-mail configuration instead of alternate address. Enter e-mail recovery and click Save.

Step 8: You will see notification of successfully added recovery mail, but you need to check this email.

Step 9: Now log in to the alternate email or recovery mail you entered in step 6. A new email sent by Google will be displayed for confirmation.

Step 10: Open this email and click “this” to confirm.

Step 11: Notification of successfully confirmed alternate and recovery e-mail is displayed.

Note: For some reason, I forget the password for your Gmail account. Learn how to recover here: How to recover Gmail password fastest

How to enable 2-step verification
Your Gmail account is non-compliant, as it’s protected by a two-tier password. 2-step verification is a powerful general security feature of Gmail and Google.

Enabling 2-step verification will send a message with a confirmation code to the phone number you registered for 2-step verification each time you log in to Gmail. Without this code, you will not be able to log in to Gmail. Activating 2-step verification is very likely to lose your Gmail account.

Note: Enabling 2-step verification for your Gmail account will also enable 2-step verification for all other Google products, including Google Plus, Google Maps, and YouTube.

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