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Global Corporate Wine Exports is an international wine trading and distribution company with offices in Washington, DC, USA and Shenzhen, Guangdong, PRC.  Our mission is to provide the largest value selection of entry to mid-priced US wines to the rapidly growing wine markets in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, India and Japan.  Please visit the Our Brands and Our Wines sections for more information regarding our offerings.  Also, remember to sign up for our mailing list so we can provide you with our latest wine additions and promotions.


The United States (US) is the fourth largest wine producing country.  Of all wine produced in the US, approximately 90% is produced in California.  The predictably warm climate in California produces riper grapes than old World Wine regions.  Californian wines are characterized as New World Wines with very fruit forward flavors and high alcohol content.  Virginia and Maryland are rapidly growing wine states in the US and produce high value wines reminiscent of Old World styles of relatively high acidity and low alcohol content.  Virginia wines represent the beginning of winemaking in the United States, dating back to President Thomas Jefferson’s first attempts in Monticello.

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