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What are Heading Tags?
These are tags provided by the HTML. Ideally, they are supposed to be used for Heading in the content. Their output look n’ feel is generally defined in CSS, they look accordingly. Also, they internally are important and treated differently than normal text.

What is The Purpose of Heading Tags?
Originally, they are designed to differ within the Headings, on basis of their importance. So, we can say that Heading 1 is more important than Heading 2, and this way.

Search engines too, use these Heading Tags for differing the content. They can affect the search engines result.

Finally, we can say that Heading tags are used for differing the content priority within the page.

How to Use Them For Better SEO:
Top down approach is most suitable for using Heading Tags. H1 is highest priority Heading. Generally, it is used for Heading of article. There must be only one H1 heading on your page. By default, WordPress uses H2 heading tag for article title. I would suggest you to change it to H1.

After that, H2 tag is used for second level important heading. It is used for Headings which are important after H1. It is used once or twice on the page.

Best metaphor to explain Heading Tags is, Folder Tree Structure, where there is only one Root and everything goes under it.

Now, you must have got idea how to use these tags.

I Generally Use Heading Tags As Given Below:
H1 tag for Title of Article
H2 tag for Another Important Heading
Here some text according to your niche. Use p tag for it.

You may need not to give paragraph tag <p> in wordpress. WordPress give it by default. Just use default wordpress content for blog post.

Another paragraph tag.

H3 tag for Distinction


H4 Heading for Distinction


H4 Heading for Distinction


H3 tag again for major distinction than H4 level

H4 Heading for Distinction

And so on.

What if I use all H1 tag?
This is very valid question. If Google gives better priority to Heading1, then why not to have all H1 tag?

Actually, Google reads the different tags and try to prioritize the content. If you use, Heading1 for all the tags, it is like telling Google that, all your content is high priority. And result is Google will ignore your Headings. So, no benefit from all the H1 tags.

I guess, it is pretty clear scene now. Don’t make these Headings a huge issue. Just mark it in your mind, apply it little bit while you write posts. You will definitely get SEO benefit from it.

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