Yoga for Beginners – Basic Yoga Postures and Meditation Techniques !

There is lot for one to discover, learn and explore in Yoga. Our How to Start guide will help you with basic steps to explore and practice yoga ( yoga for Beginners ) .

You can also get your yoga teacher training and certification.


First Learn Breathing Techniques :

When holding of yoga postures, breath plays a vital role . Initially practice and focus on Dirga Pranayama and then move on to yoga postures .

Do Involve Meditation Techniques In Your Day-Day Practice :

Do not strain your body, choose a comfortable pose. Before you begin meditation , you can also set a goal, and think on it.

Start Your Yoga Practice With Basic Level Postures :

Start your yoga practice with Warm-up sequences and move on to basic and advanced yoga postures .


Start trying these yoga postures – dog, down, plank, cat-cow, triangle, twist, cobra…etc…to make your body flexible.

Always End Your Practice With Relaxation Pose (Shavasana) :

After the completion of each yoga posture you should relax your body and mind for 5-10 minutes by practicing shavasana.

We also recommend you to integrate and practice meditation techniques in your day-day yoga practice sessions.

For the first couple of days practicing yoga seems strange, painful and awkward but when the time passes by you will start enjoying yoga.

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